Thursday, June 7, 2012


I am going to Ghana. Tonight a man named Michael Day came to my church to talk to us about whatvis going on on Ghana. And I am going to go. Ghana is over flowing with orphans, sex trafficking, child slaves, and starving children. Listening to him explain to us how the people over there are working up save the children, feed them, bring them into orphanages, and get them adopted by loving Christian families. It set a passion in my heart. I just want yo go over there and spend every second with those kids. I'm going to go back to school for PR and work my hardest for this company. Go to this website you can support a child. Start the adoption process. By items that are made by mothers so that they don't have to sell their children. Donate. You can find anything and do anything on this website. I am going to do ever single thing I can do to help these kids. Now.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Biblical Relationship Part 1

Lately I have been struggling with self worth lately. What is my purpose in life? I used to think that I would hit a certain point in life (i.e. marriage) and I would be accomplished. Or at least have accomplished something. But not so. Oh no. Not so. The Lord has really been working on my heart. I am struggling to figure out what I am suppose to do with my life. But he wants me to wait. Ugh!! Why?! Over the past three years I have changed major three times and jumped from job to job. And now that I'm working a little in my field I'm not really sure I want to do this with my life. I know the Lord has a plan for my life, I'm just struggling. This time is in my life is stressful, but it is a time to learn to trust my savior even more, and in new ways. There is always something new to learn.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Following Through

I struggle with following through. So much in fact that I sat down and wrote this in a word document before I even created a blog because I was afraid I would not follow through with writing this. I have always struggled with following through. And I can’t blame it on anyone expect for myself. My other has followed through with everything she said she was going to do, from adopting four children, raising and homeschooling all seven of her children, to writing a book about it ( in the process of being published). My Dad, has never broken a promise to me. He is the hardest worker I have ever known, and basically is the king of following through. He never forgets anything. I on the other hand, never finish anything. Its true. Anything I start I will at some point in the middle, or near the end, drop. Someone has to stand behind me half Sometimes it feels physically impossible for me (but its not). High school, I was good all the way up until my senior year, and then I just stopped. My mom had to stand by my side for the last six months and watch me do everything. College, I made it to my second semester of my freshman year. Yes, not very far. When I started struggling with going to classes. I’ve taken this semester off (second semester of my junior year) and now I’m going back and forth on whether I should even go back to college. And its not only the big things I struggle with, its small things to. Things like finishing a book, or keeping up a conversation via text, or even replying to a quick question ask me over text. Making a phone call, or drinking a cup of coffee, finishing a project I started, (something to hold my jewelry in, wedding pictures, etc.) are all things I struggle with finishing or following through. Some of them may seem like small things that don’t matter, like coffee, but it is starting to effect my life in a big way. I had to take the semester off because I failed over half my classes to semesters ago, some because I didn’t finish or do homework, some because I didn’t even bother to go. I struggle with following through. My relationship with God should be thriving, GROWING, after all I was a youth pastors wife and now I’m part of a church plant. But its not. I start a reading program, sometimes one that’s out of a book, or off an app on my phone, sometimes its one that I’ve just created in my head. I always fail at following through with it. Sometimes right away, sometimes a month into it. I don’t follow through.
Tonight is church night for us (Seth and I) we have it every Tuesday night at our house (doors are open at 5! We have dinner!!). So today consisted of me cleaning the house. Loading and unloading the dish washer, vacuuming the bedroom and living room, and last but not least cleaning those not so fun bathrooms (or at least that’s what you think). Cleaning is fun for me. Cleaning is the one thing I do not struggle with following through on. I’m serious. I could clean all day and all night and not get tired of it. Not stop. Why? That’s the question I asked myself all day long. Over the past three months I have had break down after break down and panic attack after panic attack( not a true panic attack just “panicking”). “What am I going to do with my life?!...Am I really just going to babysit for the rest of my life?!  I can’t do that! I just can’t!” Sure I want kids more than anything, but at this point in my life I have no accomplishments, nothing to show. Now don’t try to tell me I do, its true I don’t, and I’m not trying to throw myself a pity party, I am just stating facts. Its true, I (me) have messed up everything I have every really truly worked for by not following through (playing the violin, and close friendship are just a few more things). So back to the cleaning thing, all day I was wondering why I could follow through on cleaning, and nothing else. And then it hit me. I control how everything looks when I clean. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt what my house will look like when it’s done. Because I control how it will look. I like controlling the outcome. With almost everything else in my life, I feel like it’s a guessing game. I have no clue what will happen when I finish college, or even what my test and papers will look like. I don’t know how the other person will respond when I answer their question (via text). But most importantly I don’t’ know what area of my life God is going to start working on in my quiet time with Him. And there are a lot of areas that need working on. Life in general scares me. I feel too small and afraid of failer to face up and finish anything. I quit the violin because I didn’t know what I would have to do in college to actually be good at music. I quit friendships because I’m afraid of how they will look down the road. I don’t finish books because I’m afraid that they will not end the way I expect them to end. I am a scaredy cat, and this translates into my life by me not following through with things.

So I am starting this blog, to help me stay accountable. To help me follow through with things. I don’t know if it will actually work. I hope it will. I don’t want this to be something else I don’t follow through with. I will finish this.

This life sentence that I’m serving, I admit that I’m every bit deserving, but the beauty of grace is that it makes life unfair.